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Sewage can be treated by designing a sewage treatment plant (STP) which involves three stages: primary, secondary, and tertiary.


Sewage is a mixture of domestic and industrial wastes containing 99% water, but the remainder contains some ions, suspended solids, toxic chemicals and harmful bacteria that must be removed before releasing of water into the sea.

Sewage contains organic impurities such as BOD, COD which cause bad smell and contains harmful gases. If it is not treated properly then it will lead to many irreversible problems for human & other living things.

Why necessary?

Sewage is a resource that can be recycled for various uses like gardening, toilet flushing, car wash, cooling towers. Faced with the alarming fact that over 60% of the sewage generated in our country goes untreated, with its negative impact on human health, the government is focusing on waste management through centralized sewage treatment plants and by mandating large upcoming real estate projects to have their own treatment facility.

Sewage Treatment is essential to ensure that the receiving water into which the effluent is ultimately discharged is not significantly polluted. It works on producing environmentally safe fluid waste stream and a solid waste suitable for disposal or reuse.


Sewage Treatment Involves:
It involves the process of removing contaminants from wastewater and household sewage, both effluents and domestic. It includes a physical, chemical and biological process to remove physical, chemical and biological contaminants. The objective of sewage treatment is to produce a disposable effluent without causing harm to the surrounding environment and prevent pollution.

Sources of Wastewater:

  • Human waste
  • Washing water
  • Domestic sources
  • Highway drainage
  • Rainfall collected on roofs, yards, hard-standings.

Buy Sewage Treatment Plant in Guwahati

buy sewage treatment plant in Guwahati

If you’re looking to buy a sewage treatment plant in Guwahati, several options are available to meet your needs. From automatic and semi-automatic plants to those designed for specific industries, you can find various sewage treatment solutions in Guwahati.

One place to start your search is Cleartech Solutions, where you can find the best sewage treatment machines and services offering the best sewage treatment plants. These plants come in different capacities and price ranges, so you can choose one that fits your requirements.

In addition to standard sewage treatment plants, you can also find industrial sewage treatment plants in Guwahati. These plants are designed to treat industrial wastewater and are available only on Cleartech Solutions.

It’s important to note that currently, there is no municipal sewage treatment plant in Guwahati. However, plans are underway to set up such facilities as part of the Smart City initiative.

If you’re looking to buy a sewage treatment plant in Guwahati, several options are available but you should go with Cleartech’s Sewage Treatment plant which is known for providing the best sewage treatment service in Guwahati. Whether you need a standard or industrial plant, you can find what you’re looking for from various suppliers in the city.

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