Iron Removal Filter

Cleartech New Generation

Iron Removal Filter

Cleartech’s Iron Removal Filters are designed to remove the access iron content present in the feed water with minimum pressure drop.

Product Features
  • No chemicals are required for the oxidation of
    iron. Iron adsorbed on the media is easily
    removed by backwashing the unit which is carried
    out by reversal of flow.
  • Units are freestanding; pre-assembled and tested
    before shipment.
  • The pressure vessel is of Fibre Reinforced Plastic
    (FRP) and the pipes are of Poly Vinyl Chloride
    (PVC). The entire equipment is corrosion resistant.
  • The filter is fitted with a multiport plastic valve
    operated by a hand lever for ease of operation.
Product Specifications
  • One FRP pressure vessel fitted with plastic internal
  • One set of plastic frontal piping, linking multiport
    valve/plastic ball valves to FRP vessel
  • One complete charge of iron removal filter media
  • One multiport valve with a hand-operated lever
  • Two pressure gauges one each at the inlet and outlet
  • One rate of flow indicator (optional)
Product Applications

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