Piezometer and Flow Meter service in Guwahati

piezometer and flowmeter service in Guwahati

Cleartech New Generation

Piezometer and Flow Meter

Cleartech’s Piezometer and Flowmeter with telemetry system as per CGWA Guideline.


Product Features
  • Easy To Install.
  • IP 68 Sensor.
  • IP 66 Display Enclosure.
  • Inbuilt Telemetry System.
  • Universal Power Supply. ( 85-300 VAC/24 VDC ).
  • Cable Length As Per Requirement.
  • High Accuracy.
Cloud Application
  • Cloud Application Dashboard.
  • Real-Time Data.
  • Threshold Level Notification.
  • Compatible On Mobile and PC.
  • Report Table and Graph View.

Flow Meter

Product Applications

Electromagnetic Flowmeters are based on
Faraday’s Law of electromagnetic Induction.
In an Electromagnetic Flowmeter, the magnetic field is generated by a set of coils. As the conductive liquid passes through the electromagnetic field, an electric voltage is induced in the liquid which is directly proportional to its velocity. This induced voltage is
perpendicular to both, the liquid flow direction and the
electromagnetic field direction. The voltage sensed by
the electrodes is further processed by the transmitter to give a standardized output signal or displayed an inappropriate engineering unit.

Installation precautions

Installation location should be such that the Flow meter will always remain full of liquid. Minimum 5D inlet & 3D outlet straight lengths should be maintained at installation locations where ‘D’ is the pipe diameter.
The Flow meter installation location should be free of bends, elbows, tees, valves, etc

Piezometer and flow meter service in Guwahati

Piezometer Service in Guwahati

In the realm of advanced water solutions, Cleartech stands as a paragon of excellence, providing impeccable Piezometer service in Guwahati. Piezometers, along with flow meters, are pivotal instruments used in hydrogeological and hydrological studies. They play a crucial role in assessing groundwater levels, flow rates, and overall water table fluctuations.

Our team of skilled technicians at Cleartech is equipped with cutting-edge expertise, ensuring accurate installation, maintenance, and calibration of piezometers and flow meters. The precision achieved in these processes guarantees reliable data collection for analyzing water resources and optimizing water management strategies.

When it comes to piezometer and flow meter service in Guwahati, Cleartech’s commitment to quality is unparalleled. Our comprehensive services encompass a wide array of solutions, including data analysis, leak detection, and efficient repairs. Through innovative technologies, we empower clients to make informed decisions, enhancing the sustainability and efficacy of their water management endeavors.

With a passion for excellence, Cleartech has emerged as the trusted partner for numerous governmental, industrial, and environmental projects in Guwahati. Our dedication to providing dependable and accurate piezometer services has solidified our position as the foremost water solution company in the region.

Unlock the full potential of water resource assessment with Cleartech’s unrivaled piezometer and flow meter services in Guwahati. Join us on a transformative journey towards sustainable water management and conservation.

Contact Cleartech today to discover how we can empower your water projects!

Flow Meter Service in Guwahati

At Cleartech, we take great pride in offering exceptional flow meter service in Guwahati, catering to diverse industries’ fluid monitoring needs. As a leading water solution company based in Assam’s vibrant city, we understand the critical role of flow meters in precise flow rate measurement, ensuring optimal water management.

Our team of skilled technicians excels in providing top-notch piezometer and flow meter service in Guwahati, leveraging state-of-the-art technologies and industry expertise. Whether you require installation, calibration, maintenance, or repairs, Cleartech has got you covered.

Flow meters, with their ability to measure liquid or gas movement, play an indispensable role in various applications, from irrigation systems to industrial processes. Our comprehensive flow meter services empower clients with accurate data for informed decision-making, reducing water wastage, and increasing overall efficiency.

We specialize in offering tailored solutions to meet specific requirements, ensuring seamless integration with existing systems. With Cleartech’s meticulous attention to detail, you can trust that your flow meters will deliver reliable and consistent results.

In a region like Guwahati, where water conservation and management are of utmost importance, Cleartech’s flow meter service stands as a beacon of reliability. Enhance your fluid dynamics understanding and optimize water usage with our unrivaled flow meter services today.

Contact Cleartech now to experience the difference that precision fluid monitoring can make in your operations.

Piezometer and flow meter Installation in Guwahati

Piezometer Installation in Guwahati

Welcome to Cleartech, the foremost water solution company in Guwahati, Assam. We take immense pride in providing exceptional piezometer installation in Guwahati services, offering a cutting-edge approach to groundwater monitoring. As a vital component of hydrogeological studies, piezometers play a key role in understanding aquifer dynamics.

At Cleartech, we specialize in both piezometer and flow meter installation in Guwahati, catering to diverse water management needs. Our team of experts possesses in-depth knowledge of hydrology and employs state-of-the-art techniques for precise data acquisition.

Piezometers are essential instruments used to measure groundwater levels and pressure. Proper installation is crucial to ensuring accurate readings and reliable data for critical water resource assessments. Cleartech’s installation process adheres to the highest standards, incorporating advanced methodologies that suit various geological conditions.

Our tailored solutions cater to a wide array of projects, from environmental monitoring to industrial applications. With Cleartech’s expertise, clients gain valuable insights into aquifer behavior, enabling them to make informed decisions for sustainable water utilization.

In a region like Guwahati, where water conservation is paramount, Cleartech’s piezometer installation services pave the way for responsible water management. Unveil the secrets of your aquifers and unlock the potential of groundwater resources with our unrivaled expertise.

Contact Cleartech today to embark on a journey towards optimized groundwater monitoring and harness the true potential of your water resources.

Flow Meter Installation in Guwahati

Welcome to Cleartech, your premier water solution provider in the heart of Guwahati, Assam. Our expertise extends to exceptional flow meter installation in Guwahati, catering to a diverse range of industries and applications. When it comes to precise fluid measurement, Cleartech sets the benchmark, ensuring seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies.

Whether you require a piezometer and flow meter installation in Guwahati, our team of skilled professionals are well-versed in the intricacies of deploying these critical instruments. Flow meters play a pivotal role in monitoring liquid or gas movement, enabling real-time flow rate assessment for water management and industrial processes.

At Cleartech, we understand that each project has its unique requirements. That’s why our tailored solutions ensure the optimal performance of your flow meters, guaranteeing accurate data collection and analysis. Our installation process adheres to stringent quality standards, assuring longevity and reliability of your flow meter system.

As a water-scarce region, Guwahati demands innovative solutions for sustainable water resource management. Cleartech’s flow meter installation services empower businesses and communities with the tools to make informed decisions and conserve precious water resources.

Join hands with Cleartech to embark on a journey of fluid precision and maximize the efficiency of your operations. Trust us to navigate the path toward a more sustainable and water-conscious future with our unparalleled flow meter installation expertise.

Contact Cleartech today, and together, let’s unlock the potential of precise fluid measurement for your success.

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